Casual Leasing

The Retail Group Australia has specifically worked in the area of casual leasing for over eight years. Quite often this is the beginning of the journey for retailers looking to test the waters before committing to a long-term lease. It can also be an opportunity for brands to partner with a shopping centre for major marketing events, in a sponsorship-like manner.

The benefits of casual leasing include:

  • Short–term leasing arrangements with minimal risk;
  • Access to high foot traffic areas to test consumers response to your products and/or services;
  • Access to high foot traffic to promote and market your brand effectively;

There are many areas of casual leasing that go beyond the usual ‘site activations’. These can include:

  • Digital screen displays;
  • Branded billboards and banners (internal and external);
  • Floor and door decals;
  • Flyer distribution;

  • Social media shout-outs;
  • Valet parking sponsorship;
  • Car park branding;
  • Event sponsorship and branding;

Digital Screen Display
Example of a
digital screen display
Promotional screen
Example of a
digital screen display
Floor Decal
Example of a
promotional floor decal
Example of a
product kiosk

These additions are best negotiated at the same time as a site activation and will bring as much awareness as possible to your brand.

At all times the goal of The Retail Group Australia is to maximise your brand exposure with minimal capital investment.

For all your casual leasing needs contact:

Hannah King

 (+61) 425 817 763